The new Monacis 2021 catalogue introduces some interesting novelties regarding some of its most successful products.
These are new accessories that, without sacrificing the unmistakable style of the Monacis brand, make its solutions even more practical and versatile.
These enhancements complement the entire range of furnishing accessories and lighting systems for the garden, the home or accommodation facilities.

As well as a place to keep fit, gyms and sports centers have always been a place of social aggregation and personal relaxation.

The main advantages that children can derive from working with adults in the garden are their psychological development and their physical and cognitive maturation. In fact, gardening is a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn, as it helps them to acquire some basic skills, which will prove useful for many aspects of their growth.

At present, more and more electricity consumers are supplied by so-called renewable energy sources. They represent an effective and ecological alternative to traditional sources that instead exploit fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.

Autumn is one of the best times to dedicate yourself to the plants and flowers of your balcony. Taking care of the green in these months is a way to respond positively to the melancholy and greyness of the cold winter evenings now upon us.