To furnish a small garden and make it really special you do not need to spend big money or do particularly demanding jobs. In fact, with some simple tricks on the right variety of plants, the organization of the spaces and the style of the furnishing accessories you can transform a small garden and without personality in an enchanting oasis of relaxation and fun.

The best way to adapt catering activities to anti-Covid guidelines, without sacrificing the beauty of the venue, is to separate the tables using vases and flower boxes, creating hedgerows or flowering espaliers with native or exotic species.

The use of greenery at home, in the work environments and in the accommodations provides several advantages for the aesthetics of the place and the well-being of people. The tendency to make the places where we spend a lot of time "greener" is becoming more and more widespread, and is changing our life habits.

A vegetable garden is not indispensable for the cultivation of aromatic plants. You too can create your own fragrant green corner by following some tricks and choosing the most suitable point of your home.

Repotting is an indispensable practice for the health and a lush growth of the plants. It is necessary to choose the right pot, the best time and the most appropriate season to help the roots to adapt more easily to the new conditions, without stressing for the change of environment.

A banquet hall must necessarily meet expectations of all those taking part in an important event: The ones being celebrated, the organizers, the guests. More than every other environment, the room the room hosting the reception, must become a special place, that impresses for the harmony of the spaces and the originality of the aesthetic solutions.

The pool is one of the most distinctive elements of an exclusive environment: in fact very few people have the opportunity to have one in their house or facility. That's why it is very important to take care of every aesthetic and functional aspect, both of the pool itself, and the surrounding space, without neglecting any detail.

A house with a nice garden is a pleasure to live in and reason for admiration for friends and guests. In fact, especially in the warmer season, a well organized, tastefully decorated and properly lit garden, even if not so large, will let you have unforgettable moments.

The key parameters that influence a tourist while in the choice of a seaside resort, are the customer service and the beauty of the location: the general aesthetics, the design, the sense of welcome and the mood of the environments.

Geometric shapes, black pipes in plain sight, and especially lots of colour acting as a protagonist: this year there are new and unusual hues to combine with the traditional classics of the warm months.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the furnishing of a house. In fact, choosing the proper light, can be the most effective way to give your home the touch that you want: modern and elegant, or warm and cozy.

The most important international b2b trade fair for horticulture, landscape and garden

We took part in MyPlant & Garden from 20th to 22th February 2019 - Milan (Italy). Hall 20 Stand E18.

From 19th to 21th June 2018 - Nantes (France). Stand 722 - Gran Palais.

From 21th to 23th February 2018 - Milan (Italy). Hall 20 Stand A19/B20.

5 - 6 - 7 December 2017 - Lyon (France). Stand 4D118.

From 3th to 5th September 2017 we was in Cologne (Germany) at "Spoga + Gafa" fair.

From 12 to 14 September 2016 visit us in Birmingham (UK).

From 4th to 6th September 2016 come and visit us in Cologne (Germany) at "Spoga + Gafa" fair.