In order to make a medical practice more welcoming, it is necessary to find the right compromise between the standards of professionalism and accessibility, and one’s own aesthetic taste.
In fact, the fundamental goal in the choice of furniture and accessories, is the creation of an environment with an aspect that inspires a sense of cleanliness, safety and trust without sacrificing style and design.

Proper water management is one of the most important aspects to fully exploit all the possibilities offered by our garden.
In fact, in addition to being the first source of nourishment and life of plants, it is a decisive factor in improving the maintenance, livability and design of our outdoor spaces.

We are now in the middle of summer, the favorite time for many people to go on holidays. Among the things to consider during the preparations, one of the most important is the care of the plants during our absence from home or office.
With some simple precautions we can avoid our plants to wither, whether we miss a few days, or that our holidays last a few weeks.

The catalogue of design articles in polyethylene for indoor and outdoor by Monacis is constantly evolving.
The latest product of this synergy among careful research, production cycles with very high standards and increasingly performing materials, is the luminous body Hoop, which enriches the Bright collection.

To grow plants at home, in addition to having the so-called green thumb, you need to have some indispensable tools.
They are small, cheap and easily available tools, but they can really make a difference.