To enhance tastefully and effectively homes, accommodation facilities and professional studios with classical architecture, modern solutions are increasingly used. In fact, they are able to combine technological performance suitable to the current life and working pace with new design trends.

Everywhere in the Western world, the classic style is a cornerstone of architectural choices for outdoor and indoor homes, accommodation facilities and professional studios that aim to communicate elegance and refinement.

At the same time, especially in the field of furniture and lighting, there is an increasing need for modern solutions, able to combine technological performance suitable to the current life and working pace with new design trends.

For this reason, one of the most challenging task for researchers, architects and designers of furnishing accessories and lighting systems is to be able to enhance with taste and efficiency homes, accommodation facilities and professional studios housed in buildings with classical architecture, through modern solutions.

Furniture for sitting rooms and living areas

The period buildings have a timeless charm, which makes them absolutely inimitable. This is why it is important to respect and maintain their originality, for example by restoring floors and wall coverings. 

To enhance characteristic elements such as masonry frames, high ceilings and large windows, it is advisable to choose a simple furniture, with essential lines, of light or neutral color.

In some areas of limited size, it is possible to create a chromatic contrast, making sure that it is not too eye-catching compared to the rest of the environment.

In fact, the range of colors of the furniture and the interior complements of living rooms and areas, will have to blend harmoniously with the general appearance of the entire property, highlighting the details, but without creating confusion. 

Garden accessories for balconies and interiors

Decorating a house, a bed & breakfast, or a professional studio built with classical architecture, means first of all highlighting the best structural features.

In this sense, design choices can follow the general principle of harmony, or contrast.

This rule applies to both indoor and outdoor, also in the choice of garden complements for verandas, balconies and interiors.

For example, polyethylene vases, light-weighting and easy to clean, require very little maintenance and are available in all shapes, sizes and colors.

In fact, a traditional-looking terracotta-coloured vase will blend harmoniously with the classic style of the rest of the property; On the contrary, a vase with a modern appearance, with a strong and lively color, will emerge from the context, becoming a point of attention.

Lighting of indoor and outdoor environments

Whether it is a house, a hotel, or a professional studio, the lighting of the rooms plays a decisive role in the enhancement of the architecture and furnishings of the property.

In fact, through original solutions, but still appropriate to the classic style of the place, you can give the whole structure the desired touch: elegant, welcoming or professional.

With the right choices, lighting becomes the most effective tool to enhance the architecture, surfaces and furnishings of the property. 

Even in this case, it is possible to adopt solutions with modern design and technology, designed to integrate perfectly with classic buildings.

Among these, a quality LED system will simultaneously ensure uniform lighting, with a soft and diffused light in a harmonious way, and exceptional performance in terms of energy saving and environmental impact. 

In addition, thanks to the versatility of this technology, it is possible to choose, to highlight the characteristics of the rooms, the right color temperature of warm, cold, or natural white, or a combination of these shades.

As well known, LED systems also allow you to dare with colors, choosing among endless shades the most appropriate to the architectural style or decor of the environment.

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