The blue color is one of the most beloved of all time, and a very special shade, the Egyptian blue, is considered particularly precious since the most ancient times.
In fact, in addition to being considered a regal color, associated with the sky, water source of life and divinity, the Egyptian blue is the oldest known artificial pigment.

To enhance tastefully and effectively homes, accommodation facilities and professional studios with classical architecture, modern solutions are increasingly used. In fact, they are able to combine technological performance suitable to the current life and working pace with new design trends.

Even if they do not have the lively and exuberant shades typical of the summer, the colors of autumn have nothing to envy to the warmer seasons.
In fact, the ornamental plants that bloom in autumn, give gardens, balconies and indoor environments particularly suggestive colorful shows.

The Doppiobordo Liscio vase by Monacis at the Corollaria Flower Exhibition, the first Italian exhibition dedicated to floral art and gardening, held from 10 to 19 September 2021 at the Reggia di Venaria in Turin.

Italy is one of the most plentiful of rural estates and period farmhouses surrounded by greenery countries in the world
They are the ideal places to use as banquet halls, accommodation facilities for short stays of peace and relaxation, or to choose as your home for those who love the idea of going to live in the countryside.
By making the right compromise between ancient and modern style, you can give each area of the structure an original and striking look.