A well-kept and organized garden is the ideal place to spend moments of peace, taking a quiet break from daily activities. In fact, having a green space, makes the time spent at home, at work or when we are guests of a hotel, more enjoyable.

Many studies have shown that some indoor plants are particularly useful for our health because they help to purify the air. In particular, there are species that manage to absorb and metabolize pollutants that are found in the places most frequented by man.

The current technologies of orchid cultivation, through the use of greenhouses with computerized management and control, guarantee a much more abundant and less expensive production of orchids than in the past. In addition, some species of orchids produced in greenhouses are very resistant and suitable for long flowering even at home and in more frequented environments such as offices and shops.

The trendy colors of 2021 reflect the increasingly widespread need to regain confidence, energy and positivity. They also tell the innate desire of every human being to rediscover his intimate connection with nature.

Weeks before spring are one the best time to start the preparation of the soil of our garden to the sowing. In fact, starting in this period, vegetables and fruit trees will reach full maturity in summer when, thanks to higher temperatures, will offer a more abundant harvest.