Giving a design item on any occasion, and especially at Christmas, is one of the most original ways to be remembered.
Furnishing accessories, technological devices, accessories for the bar corner of our house: any object can become an unforgettable gift thanks to the touch of a good designer.

The Pantone Color Institute has just unveiled what, according to design and trends experts, will be the color of the year 2022.
It is called Very Peri: it is a shade of periwinkle blue with a red-violaceous undertone that looks towards indigo, the color of trust in one's own ideas, inventiveness and personal creativity.

For almost a century, plastic has been an essential element of our lifestyle.
In fact, since the end of the First World War, it has become one of the main materials used to make objects for any practical use.
Subsequently, since the 1950s, plastic has entered everyone’s homes even through furnishing accessories, decorative objects and design items.

The blue color is one of the most beloved of all time, and a very special shade, the Egyptian blue, is considered particularly precious since the most ancient times.
In fact, in addition to being considered a regal color, associated with the sky, water source of life and divinity, the Egyptian blue is the oldest known artificial pigment.

To enhance tastefully and effectively homes, accommodation facilities and professional studios with classical architecture, modern solutions are increasingly used. In fact, they are able to combine technological performance suitable to the current life and working pace with new design trends.