The Doppiobordo Liscio vase by Monacis at the Corollaria Flower Exhibition, the first Italian exhibition dedicated to floral art and gardening, held from 10 to 19 September 2021 at the Reggia di Venaria in Turin.

The commercial success of Monacis' polyethylene design articles for gardening and floriculture is constantly growing, and conquers more important goals every day.

In fact, the use of high quality raw materials, the originality of the design of the entire catalogue, and the impeccable pre and after-sales service, have allowed Monacis branded products to participate in increasingly prestigious contexts. 

Among these, the last in order of time was the presence of the Doppiobordo Liscio vase of the Rome collection at the Corollaria Flower Exhibition, the first Italian exhibition dedicated to floral art and gardening, held from 10 to 19 September 2021 at the Reggia di Venaria in Turin.

The most important Italian companies in the garden sector

The Corollaria Flower Exhibition is the result of the synergy between some of the most important Italian institutions in the garden sector:

The Società Orticola del Piemonte, organizer of the Flor market exhibition, which since 2009 is at the top of the list in Italy for turnout and sales; Associazione di Produttori Florovivaisti Italiani and Mercato Ingrosso Fiori Torino, established in 2008 between companies and operators in the sector of production and trade of flowers.

In addition, the organization has benefited from the patronage of some institutional partners such as Associazione Fiorai Torino, Federfiori – Federazione Nazionale Fioristi adhering to Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia, and Sindacato Fioristi Federfiori Torino.

It was attended by over 40 companies and professionals in floriculture and flower design, presenting extraordinary artistic and decorative installations to demonstrate the countless forms of beauty offered by the compositions of plants and flowers.

An extraordinary location 

The Corollaria Flower Exhibition was held 10 to 19 September 2021 at the Reggia di Venaria, just outside Turin.

The Reggia is the most representative monumental building of the Venaria Reale, a magnificent complex that includes the Royal Gardens and the Natural Park of Mandria, universally considered a masterpiece of architecture and landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

All the events scheduled at the Reggia di Venaria for 2021 are linked by an approach oriented to sustainability and the centrality of the relationship between man and nature, which accompanies visitors along a path between art, history and environment.

The Doppiobordo Liscio vase by Monacis

In this exclusive context of initiatives with selected partnerships, the Doppiobordo Liscio vase has gained a prominent position, thanks to the installation of one of the most prestigious flower centers in northern Italy, customer of Monacis.

The key element that has led this flower center, one of the largest and provided in the area, to use the Doppiobordo Liscio vase to enhance its exposure, was the uncompromising quality of the entire range of polyethylene items in the Monacis catalog.

In particular, polyethylene vases provide many practical advantages, especially in the case of temporary installations.

In fact, they are light, repositionable and easy to store during periods of non-use, and easily washable with water and neutral detergents.

In addition, they are available in various shapes and colors, offering solutions with a modern and attractive look, or with a more traditional look and inspired by the most classical tradition.