Having a garden in perfect aesthetic and health conditions requires passion, commitment, and the use of the proper products. For this reason, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are often used, but they are not always indispensable.

In fact, it is possible to obtain an optimal yield also by using completely organic home ingredients, some of them waste, which allow our plants to grow beautiful and healthy, respecting the environment and the natural processes of development.

Coffee grounds

If you are in the habit of making coffee with the classic moka, you can recycle the used grouds, which are rich in nitrogen and other antioxidant substances.

The coffee grounds have the capacity to lower the pH of the soil and for this reason they are particularly suitable for the so-called ornamental acidophilus plants: camellias, azaleas, hydrangeas and geranium.

Those who own a large garden can add them to the compost. In the house it is sufficient to spread them directly on the ground of pots and flower boxes.


Nettle is a plant known especially for its irritating properties: just graze it to find yourself with red and itchy skin. 

However, properly collected and treated, it can prove to be a valuable ally for our crops thanks to its nitrogen, magnesium and iron content.

It is enough to put some nettle plants to macerate in a bucket of water for a few days to obtain a liquid and completely biological fertilizer ready for use.


Egg shells are biological elements for the health of our garden very easily available and with a double utility.

In fact, used in large pieces arranged in a ring at the base of the vegetables constitute a barrier against snails and other parasites.

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Moreover, they are also an excellent fertilizer as they are very rich in calcium, an element useful to strengthen the stem of the plants, and prevent the formation of dark spots on the tomato plants and other vegetables.

For this use, it is necessary to chop them finely and spread the powder at the base of the plants, or to blend them with water and vinegar and add them to the compost.

Brewer’s yeast

Another typical ingredient of our kitchens that is an excellent and completely natural fertilizer, is the popular brewer's yeast.

In fact, it is very rich in micronutrients, such as the B-group vitamins, and for this reason it is able to stimulate the growth of new buds and therefore favor an abundant flowering of many plants, in particular of roses. 

This organic DIY fertilizer is prepared very easily: just dissolve 3 tablespoons of brewer’s yeast in 10 liters of warm water, let cool to room temperature and water the plants.

The grass of the lawn

A very simple and absolutely natural way to get a green and lush lawn, is to use its own grass as fertilizer.

In fact, freshly mown grass decomposes rapidly releasing nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil that will improve the health and appearance of the lawn.

So, after passing the mower, just leave the grass on the ground, without picking it up.