Monacis is a trademark of Tekcnoplast s.r.l., a twenty year old firm specialising in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products for the construction, road management, nautical and garden furnishing markets.

Based in the industrial area of Matera - famous worldwide for its excellence in the upholstery furniture production - the firm keeps abreast of the times by means of on-going market researches into advanced production technologies and material sourcing.

Tekcnoplast is in partnership with only the best firms highly-qualified in raw materials supply.
Production is by means of rotational moulding: a technique used to manufacture hollow body products whereby a mould bi-axially rotates - there is a fixed direction primary axis and a secondary axis with a variable direction. This guarantees excellent product resistance as products are without any kind of welding or internal tensions. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, all products are made in Italy with top quality polyethylene.