Each plant wears elegance.

In a veranda, at the poolside or near the entrance of a lounge club, Flowerpot, with its large dimensions, creates colourful and fun settings.

Its extraordinary capacity and symmetrical lines, refined by rough and mat nuances, make Flowerpot perfect for many different outdoor settings.

Features Flowerpot Flowerpot Top
Colour code
  • V1051 Purple
  • V6759 Purple
  • V1044 Ice
  • Ice
  • V2140 White
  • V6742 White
  • V1068 Grey
  • V6766 Grey
  • V1075 Brown
  • V6797 Brown
  • V1037 Green
  • V6780 Green
  • V5325 Dark Grey
  • V6803 Dark Grey
  • V5349 Bronze
  • V6810 Bronze
External width 80x35 cm 90x30 cm
Internal width 72x27 cm 82x22 cm
Height 50 cm 80 cm
Depth 22 cm 26 cm
Litres 40 45
  • Sand Blasted Surface