Three-dimensional colour.

With its squared and flexible shapes, Cube is suitable in both business settings and at home.

Cube is more than a simple pot: its cubic shape, bright colours and mat finishing make each space lively, original and comfortable.

Features Cube Cube Top
Colour code
  • V1150 Purple
  • V5622 Purple
  • V2133 White
  • V5578 White
  • V1167 Grey
  • V5592 Grey
  • V1174 Brown
  • V5608 Brown
  • V1136 Green
  • V5615 Green
  • V5318 Dark Grey
  • V5561 Dark Grey
  • V5363 Bronze
  • V5585 Bronze
External width 40x40 cm 40x40 cm
Internal width 32x32 cm 32x32 cm
Height 40 cm 80 cm
Depth 15 cm 23 cm
Litres 13,5 20
  • Sand Blasted Surface
  • Optional metal frame