Modern style with a vintage memory.

The squared line with the opaque surface meets the antique finishing touch.

Adone Square, with its bold shapes, finds its perfect place on the boundary line between the garden and the entrance path of your country house.

You can choose your Adone Square in a wide range of colours.

Features Square Saucer
Colour code
  • V1280 Purple
  • V2065 Purple
  • V1273 Ivory
  • V2010 Ivory
  • V1259 Grey
  • V2034 Grey
  • V1235 Brown
  • V2041 Brown
  • V1242 Green
  • V2058 Green
  • V1266 Bordeaux
  • V2027 Bordeaux
External width 27x27 cm 23x23 cm
Internal width 23x23 cm 19x19 cm
Height 40 cm 3 cm
Depth 37 cm -
Litres 18 -
  • Antique Surface
  • Optional Saucer