All the delicacy of a sinuous curve.

Like dew in the morning, the Goccia vase makes every environment charming. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, with its highly versatile shapes and sizes, it allows you to express all your creativity. Goccia turns spaces into scenarios of pure beauty.

Features Goccia Goccia Top
Colour code
  • V7589 White
  • V7633 White
  • V7626 Grey
  • V7671 Grey
  • V7596 Impruneta
  • V7640 Impruneta
  • V7602 Dark Grey
  • V7657 Dark Grey
  • V7619 Bronze
  • V7664 Bronze
External width Ø 63 cm Ø 54 cm
Internal width Ø 49 cm Ø 39 cm
Height 55 cm 75 cm
Depth 20 cm 20 cm
Litres 40 25
  • Sand Blasted Surface