Bold perimeter goes with neat and essential lines.

Minimal and modern design heightens the plasticity of the squared and steady shapes, that perfectly fit to garden locations and settings.

Stilo Square gives a touch of personality to outdoor spaces.

Features Square Square Top
Codice colore V0207 Green V0849 Green
V0214 White V0818 White
V0221 Red V0825 Red
V0238 Blue V0832 Blue
V0245 Multicolor V0856 Multicolor
V2157 Multicolor Battery V2164 Multicolor Battery
External width 33x33 cm 39x39 cm
Internal width 27x27 cm 31x31 cm
Height 70 cm 90 cm
Depth 25 cm 22 cm
Litres 12 20
  • Sand Blasted Surface