A milestone restyling.

Gemma is the top product of the Monacis collection. It merges the classical shapes of the traditional pot with the modernity of plastic materials.

Its 50 and 80 cm version is a perfect home design item, while its 110 cm version sets off big spaces.

Features Gemma 50 Gemma 80 Gemma 110
Colour code V1372 Green V2492 Green V1549 Green
V1341 White V2461 White V1518 White
V1358 Red V2478 Red V1525 Red
V1365 Blue V2485 Blue V1532 Blue
V1389 Multicolor V2508 Multicolor V1556 Multicolor
V2232 Multicolor Battery V2515 Multicolor Battery V2249 Multicolor Battery
External width Ø 50 cm ø 80 cm ø 110 cm
Internal width Ø 42 cm ø 67 cm ø 94 cm
Height 44 cm 70 cm 95 cm
Depth 40 cm 64 cm 90 cm
Litres 40 84 176
  • Sand Blasted Surface