Where the touch of originality materializes.

With its double sided shape, among the most original ones, Heart pot can be used to border each and every outdoor space.

Its gentle curves, height and chromatic range furnish with elegance and cheerfulness at the same time.

Features Long side Short side
Colour code
  • V4708 Green
  • V6698 Green
  • V4705 White
  • V6674 White
  • V4706 Red
  • V6681 Red
  • V4707 Blue
  • V6704 Blue
  • V4709 Multicolor
  • V6711 Multicolor
  • V4710 Multicolor Battery
  • V6728 Multicolor Battery
  • V5806 Multicolor Solar battery
  • V6735 Multicolor Solar battery
External width 100x31 cm 57x31 cm
Internal width 83x21 cm 48x21 cm
Height 80 cm 80 cm
Depth 22 cm 22 cm
Litres 40 25
  • Sand Blasted Surface
  • Wired or with battery